Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mother Having Children Most in the World

Surely you would be surprised if you hear your friend 12, or 13, 0r maybe 10 brothers. It was still unusual, because there is a Mother Has Children Most in the World, amounting to 69 people and all of them were born normally. Here's more info Mother Son Has World's Most below.

Ibu Memiliki Anak Terbanyak di Dunia

Two years ago, stunned the world created when a woman from Romania gave birth to the 18th as normal. Not much when compared with the story of Feodor Vassilyev, a woman who successfully gave birth to 69 children from her womb.

As quoted from page Telegraph, Vassilyev name listed in 'The Guinness Book of World Records' as the most fertile women in the world. She is a wife of a farmer from Russia who lives in the years 1707-1782.

27 Vassilyev undergo the normal process of childbirth to give birth to 69 children. He underwent 16 times the birth of twins, seven-time delivery with twins three, and four times gave birth to quadruplets.

In 1983, the museum's world record could also announce the name of a woman tersubur Leontina Espinoza in the world at that time. Woman from Chile was reported to have 58 children from her womb. However, lately the news is false.

Investigations conducted after the death Espinoza police revealed that the woman was in fact only had 16 children from her womb. He made the false information in order to get compensation from the Chilean government. Top Espinoza case, many people who then doubted the truth of the story Vassilyev.

Regardless of the truth of the story Vassilyev, there is still Livia Ionce. At the age of 44 in mid 2008 ago, she gave birth to the 18th. The birth of the baby makes a total of 10 girls and eight boys. Her son does not have a twin, which means Ionce had undergone childbirth 18 times in prime condition.

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