Friday, March 25, 2011

Smallest Man in the World from the Philippines

MANILA - A Filipino youth, Junrey Balawing (17), will be crowned as the world's smallest man by Guinness World Records in June, when he stepped on the age of 18.

Junrey only 22 inches tall, smaller than the size of infants aged 1 year.

Her body began to grow since she first birthday. She has difficulty walking and can not stand for long.

But He is proud of titles that will be given as the smallest man in the world.

"If I was named the smallest man later, it would be really cool," said Junrey proud, as reported by Orange, on Friday (03/11/2011).

Junrey has 3 younger siblings, but his three brothers grew normally.

Junrey 5 inches shorter than the holder of the world's smallest man today who came from Nepal.
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